Affirmations to heal yourself this Valentine’s day!

When I lived in Mexico many years ago, I remember being struck by how much Valentine’s Day was a time to remember everyone. In other words it wasn’t just reserved for romantic relationships. In the UK I notice how much this day is for lovers! There’s nothing wrong with that I whole heartedly support love. But I also believe we forget our individual situation at this time of year,  and  we dismiss the day as just that, a day for lovers. We don’t think about how we can love and nurture ‘ourselves’.  After-all, people  spend Valentine’s Day in a variety  of ways: alone, with family,  with their children or remembering a departed spouse or partner.
Louise Hay, the self help author,  wrote that: ‘an affirmation is anything you say and think’. She believed a lot of what we normally say and think is quite negative, so we need to retrain our thinking and speaking into positives patterns if we want to change our lives.  

Hay was one of the first self help authors  I read. She taught me to take responsibility for my own health through the  belief  that we create our own illness. Mostly through holding on to negative thought patterns which can lead to anxiety, stress and even anger  – which in turn damages our bodies.  By using positive affirmations regularly to love and heal past hurts we  can lift the negativity  which may cause illness. Try these Louise Hay affirmations to love and heal yourself this Valentine’s weekend and beyond! 

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