Finding compassion for ourselves and others …

The writer Richard Rohr who has authored books on compassion and prayer, inspired me to think more about loving and being kind to ourselves in these difficult times.  It can be hard to feel hopeful or even positive these days. There’s terrible news of people passing away. We are missing or worried about friends, family and the vulnerable.

Research says it is human nature to dwell more on the negative, and that we have to unlearn this by training our minds to go to the pleasant first rather than the opposite.

Through certain mindfulness practices we can learn to dwell on the pleasant things in life. In your meditation you can start with small things, like remembering a sunny day, or the way a nice blanket feels on your skin or the smiling face of a relative or friend. This takes practice – but with compassion and kindness for ourselves we can get there. 

I hope you take advantage of our meditation sessions!  And don’t forget, you can still use our free guided meditation here

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