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Finding inner strength through lockdown

As lockdown deepened, I used my meditation practice to help me find the motivation to continue developing Mindful Visual Awareness.
One day I was feeling particularly tired and a bit fed up of the ‘routine’ of lockdown. My thoughts and ideas often come out of my sitting practice – listening to my inner guidance. As I sat I heard the words: ‘You are stronger than you know’. Afterwards as I sat at my computer and checked my lengthy to do list, I realised in May I’d not just completed a blog for London Vision, but an interview with Vi Talk! (see below). More importantly, it had already been a big achievement for me to get my website up during lockdown! My practice was reminding me to be kind to myself and that I am ‘stronger than I know!’ It’s easy to beat ourselves up about what we haven’t done but mindfulness teaches us to be non-judgemental. Here is a wonderful website I found with self-compassion guided meditations and exercises. Self-compassion helps us to be kind to ourselves, something very much needed during these times. See also my article on Finding compassion for ourselves and others through meditation practice.

See how I found strength to set up my business in my blog post for London Vision Launching a new business during lockdown
Chatting with Dawn from VI Talk about health and well-being

I hope many of you have been finding my free meditation and resources page helpful in building your inner strength through lockdown and beyond. If you would like to develop your practice further please join me for a meditation session! 

Shopping, social distancing and being Visually Impaired

London Vision who support people with sight loss across London, have put together a FAQ page for visually impaired people around Covid-19. See also London Vision’s blog with news and stories from visually impaired people and how they are coping with lockdown.

Many visually impaired people are facing difficulties shopping because the rules around social distancing in supermarkets makes guiding and moving around unsafe or impossible. I recently read Andrew Law’s blog post on his experience of shopping and social distancing which makes interesting reading!

Whilst priority access to online shopping is available, some visually impaired people have been excluded. See updates from RNIB and the Thomas Pocklington Trust on supermarkets’ and goverment’s responses to the situation.

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