Mindfulness resources

New resources page on the InsightMind website coming soon!

Jon Kabat Zinn, the creator of mindfulness based stress reduction course has been offering free daily mindfulness practice and enquiry by zoom. Please note the session is limited to the first 1,000 people but is available as a video recording afterwards, also the time quoted is pacific time which is 7pm UK time.

The Free Mindfulness Project have put together a list of free resources. (This website has a lot of images and text if your screen reader has problems reading it please contact me below).

The Mindfulness Association are offer free daily mindfulness practice at 7pm each day via Zoom. Please see their website for details of this and other online courses.

The West London Buddhist centre is now online offering meditation via Insight Timer, a meditation app, which is free to download via Apple of Android. There’s also much more on their website in particular this article about meditation in the Buddhist tradition, which is inclusive to all. Join their mailing list for details.

The London Accessible Psychotherapy Independent Service (LAPIS) provides specialist counselling and psychotherapy to people affected by disability and life changing health issues. They are very open to working with visually impaired clients. Dr Lisa Greenspan developed the Calm Mind Café to guide you through a meditation. This is available free to download in a word file format.

The Mindfulness project who normally run a range of mindfulness courses are now offering some of these online. If you are facing financial difficulty because of the current situation please contact them.

The organisation Being Mindful, run a number of mindfulness courses (normally face to face) in South London.

Breathworks are a well established organisation offering face to face and online courses in mindfulness based stress and health reduction. Please see their website for details; and see their free course ‘For troubling times’.

The Mindfulness Association are offering a free daily practice at 7pm – please see their website for resources.

The Headspace App has many meditations for sleep, dealing with anxiety, depression and coping with difficult situations. May be used on iPhone and Android devices, you may listen to the app for free but they charge for longer courses.